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Discovery Bay is a waterfront community. Many homes have private docks with access to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Discovery Bay history is not that long, it began as a planned community in 1964, and originally was planned on being named "Riverside" and / or "River Lake." Today Discovery Bay is a luxury and gated community residential city. It was developed on land that was then called Byron Tract, which was originally used for farming the crops of barley and potatoes. In 1968, Jurgen Lunding was the person responsible for organizing the name change to Discovery bay.

In July 2007, Discovery Bay received its own ZIP code of 94505. Before it had shared the zip code 94514 with the city of Byron located south. To celebrate this there were numerous festivities including a world record-setting paddle boat raft-up.

As of 2014 Discovery Bay has a full-service marina, 3 public schools and 1 private school, 2 shopping centers and a commercial business park, Discovery Bay now has the public works and local government infrastructure required to support residents within the community as, plus all the visitors who come to enjoy boating and other fun family activities that the Delta region provides.

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