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Fresno video Tours

As of January 2015 ABC video Tours is proud to anounce they will be serving the Fresno area!

video Tours are more realistic, more appealing, and will evoke emotion - something still photos and text cannot do. And emotion is why people buy real estate.

For all your real estate or business or promotion video Tour needs the staff at ABC video Tours are the experts. Please use our quote form and in the city field type in Fresno to get an instant price quote.

Today in 2015, social media and video distribution sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter,  are responsible for over 95% of homebuyers begining their home search on the internet. We all know that most households include laptop computers, iPads, plus a growing percentage of Smart-Phones - which are pocket computers with phone calling capabilities!

And when you think about video..... People would rather watch a video versus a collection of static photos or have to read through pages of text. In everyday life more people watch the movie than read the book! Video is here to stay, as  real estate professional don't get left behind and let other agents get listing because they use video Tours and you don't!


Real estate video Tours help save you time, save you money, sell more real estate and achieve more top rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


"Web appeal" is the new "Curb Appeal" of yester-year. How your listing appears online means the difference between a buyer picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment, or clicking the "NEXT" button and moving on to the next property listing.






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