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The Greater Nashua area is has many small towns, tight knit communities where everyone is very neighborly and the business opportunities and convenience of one of the largest New England cities. Major companies like Oracle BAE systems have offices in Nashua. With one of the fastest growing economies in the New England region, a rich and multifaceted history, various cultural opportunities and leading educational institutions. High tech companies have extended the high tech corridor of Massachusetts in Nashua. Southern New Hampshire's communities have many exciting areas like: the apple orchards and farms of Hollis to Milford's modernized downtown and Nashua's outstanding public park and open spaces system, each town is a place you can choose as your home.

Greater Nashua has been twice included in Money Magazine's Best Places to Live

The history of Nashua is interesting, originally built in the boom and emergence of the textile industry, this 32 square mile city is now become the home of high-tech companies such as BAE Systems and Oracle. There are numerous high tech companies in close vicinity also, primarily towards Boston. Some folks who love in Nashua make the 50-minute or so commute to Boston for work, but on weekends the traffic often comes from Boston, as residents of the big city travel to Nashua's Pheasant Lane Mall or Merrimack Premium Outlets to take advantage of New Hampshire's no sales tax or zero-tax policy Visitors to Greater Nashua will find numerous and varied recreational, kid-friendly and cultural activities waiting for them. With zero sales tax, New Hampshire and, specifically the Greater Nashua vicinity, has grown into a destination for shoppers from all over New England. From the million square foot Pheasant Lane Mall and the hundreds of shops and stores in the Daniel Webster Highway and Amherst Street retail corridors to the lovely old fashiones shops and restaurants of Nashua's historic downtown. Shoppers and tourists looking to get bargains love Nashua for the shopping opportunities. For those looking for recreational activities, there are numerous ones within the City's limits in their outstanding parks and open spaces and beyond in local state and town parks and state and national forests. It is a great place for kid friendly outdoor spaces too. Cultural activities include the Nashua Symphony and the Northern Ballet which offer a full season of performances and local art galleries that have numerous works of local artists.

“Zero taxes on retail purchases”

A key question for families when they are deciding to move into a new community is always: “Where will we live? And how much do homes cost?”. The Nashua region offers a simple and easy to understand answer, “We have something for everyone’s price range!”. Real estate video tours are popular in nashua, ABCvideoTours provides video tours for the nashua nh area. Video tours allow families to see what their new neighborhood looks like. With expertly produced community video tours, families relocating will quickly get an idea of the new community and surroundings.

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The Nashua Region continually remains one of the afford-ably priced homes areas in the country, when comparing housing prices to income. Massachusetts prices, which is only 15 miles from Nashua, are 19 to 31% higher and in the Andover, Massachusetts region they are 31 to 46% higher. Going towards Boston the home prices increase. The Nashua region makes living more enjoyable and affordable as compared to the more congested nearby urban areas, both because of housing afford-ability and the overall quality of life for families.

As opposed to other communities in the region, Nashua offers numerous affordable housing choices for rental or purchase, ranging from historic New England properties to new-modern condominiums and subdivisions. The trend now is produce a video tour for new properties on the for sale or for rent market.

The elegant neighborhood of North End has been Nashua’s most luxurious area for over a 100 years. Meticulously kept Victorian homes built during the turn of the century are located on Concord Street near Greeley Park. No matter what type of home you are looking to purchase, Nashua has a vast selection of affordable homes and luxury homes too. The average cost of a home in Nashua is $289,000 well below that of other Southern New Hampshire communities in the Salem, Manchester and Seacoast regions. Nashua offers unique apartment condominium housing selection as well. The former textile mills lining the Nashua River have been renovated into apartments and condos, they are popular because of their proximity to downtown’s Main Street and downtown amenities. Spit Brook Road in south Nashua is the center of many condominium and apartment developments many have: pools, tennis courts and playgrounds and are conveniently located close to Route 3. Apartments in Nashua range from a studio for $700 per month up to multiple bedroom apartments in the city’s renovated mills for $1400 per month. Rental costs are lower versus the national averages when measured against per capita earnings. Many of the rental condos and apartment use video tours to show prospective tenants the complex, interiors and surroundings.

For those who prefer to live in a more rural country setting the towns surrounding Nashua offer a great range properties in the country. To the West and North West of Nashua are the towns of Amherst and Hollis. Both only 10 miles from downtown, they have faboulous village greens and rolling countryside vistas. Amherst is one of only two towns in the US listed in its entirety as an Historic District and Hollis offers residents access to its one of a kind apple orchards which are very close by the village green. Many of the country properties feature video tours, to give the prospective buyer a better view of the property.

Beyond Hollis and Amherst, you will find the communities of Milford and Wilton. These towns were built up the industrial era, they were centers of the textile industry and cotton mills in the region a century ago. Today, they have modernized their downtowns and offer, on a lesser scale, many of the amenities of their larger neighbor to the east. As you go beyond Milford and Wilton you will reach Brookline in the South and Mont Vernon and Lyndeboro to the North. These towns maintain a strong rural character and are less then 30 miles from Nashua. Country lanes and old farm houses are common however newer developments are generally on larger land lots which helps to retain the towns rural ambiance.

The town of Merrimack is directly north of Nashua located on the Merrimack river. This community of 30,000 is by the Everett Turnpike and has housing options from apartments to single family homes. Rental and housing costs are slightly lower than Nashua because Merrimack is farther from the local major employment hubs.

To the East and across the Merrimack River are the towns of Hudson and Litchfield. Hudson, like Merrimack and Nashua offers numerous housing options. Hudson is situated between Interstate 93 to the East and the Everett Turnpike to the West making it a great location for people commuting to Metro Boston for work. Like Merrimack, the rental market is less expensive but the housing prices are higher than Nashua. Litchfield is a unique town in the region. It is just across the river from Nashua and just south of Manchester and has seen a huge increase in its population since 1960. Still, Litchfield has maintained its rural character with a strong and on-going agricultural tradition. The main road through town features roadside fruit and vegetable stands and farmers can be seen working the local fields.

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Statistics for the nashua real estate market: median sales price for homes in Nashua NH for early 2013 was $200,000 based on 100 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price increased 20%, or $30,000, and the number of home sales decreased 14%. There are currently 300 resale and new homes in Nashua. Many of the homes feature video tours and video walk throughs. The average listing price for homes for sale in Nashua NH was $266,00 for early 2013.

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