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On Line Video Editing

June 1, 2013, San Francisco CA - ABC video Tours announces full commitment to providing on line video editing capabilities to their clients.

As the leading producer of real estate video tours for the local markets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento, with all cities in the region of the aforementioned - ABC video Tours has committed to providing nation wide support.

Several platforms are still under consideration, however as of now the platform selected is MovieMasher. MovieMasher provides all functionalities of a full fleged on line video editing solution. Specific selection criteria of the on line video editing platform remain undisclosed, and will continue to do so due to the competitiveness of the video tour indusrty.

The fact MovieMasher is open source was a major consideration according to ABC video Tours technical staff.

The demand for full motion video tours versus slide shows or virtual tours is tremendous and having and integrated video tour on line editing capability is the requirement for the future.

There are also industry specific needs for on line video editing these specifics were not revealed by ABC video Tours either.

In addition ABC video Tours will provide telephone/email/chat/video support for their on line video editing services. According to their spokesman “If you need to talk to us we will be available to answer your questions and help you speed up your video creation process.”

ABC video Tours already has all the Information Technology in place for comprehensive video content management, video distribution, Search Engine Optimization, reporting and analysis of effectiveness plus numerous proprietary tools. So having on line video editing capabilities is a natural progression.

The pricing will be fluctuating for the first year since the overhead of the editing platform is unpredictable, in addition the the live support requires staff. As of current the sign up will be $79 with a per video cost of $8. The per video cost covers the cost of hosting the video and the hardware costs required to process it.

This pricing is an extremely great bargain considering most real estate deals generate thousands in commission income.

Sample of the platform look and feel is below:

on line video editing

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