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Realtor Marketing – Realtor Videos and YouTube by ABC vide Tours

Realtor Videos are one area that agents have to focus in on in 2013 and especially 2014. The US housing market is getting completely online marketing focused. Video tours create opportunities to get traffic to your website or blog plus direct phone leads; however many agents are not capitalizing on this trending opportunity. Right now realtors that are gaining prominence in their local geographic area through video tours will be the long term winners.

We here at ABC video Tours belive that one of the reasons why Realtors do not make videos is that they do not want to be on camera and in the video. This is an easy easy one, very few people want to really “see” you. They are looking for information about an area, property, apartment or a house, not for the acting abilities of the Realtor or real estate agent. Plus, our voice always sounds funny when we are not hearing it inside of our head. This one you are just going to have to get over, keep in mind that what you are hearing on the video, is really what everyone else hears all of the time!

Realtor Video Marketing Ideas
  • Get testimonials from your past clients – ask them at the closing table when they are happiest!
  • Introduce yourself or your team members with a brief but to the point introduction
  • Show off area attractions, schools and parks, making sure to include real estate related
  • keywords in the description
  • Make videos to send to buyer prospects and post them on YouTube
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