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Sacramento is the capital city of California and has the county seat of Sacramento County. It is located at the metting of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California's stretching Central Valley which starts at Los Angeles. With an estimated 2011 population of 480,000 it is the sixth-largest city in California and the 35th largest city in the U.S. Sacramento is the main cultural and economic geographic location of the Sacramento metropolitan and suburban area which includes seven counties with an estimated 2013 population of 2,600,00. Its metropolitan area is the fourth largest in California, the top three are the Greater Los Angeles Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Diego metropolitan area, also it is the 25th largest city in the US.

Sacramento was voted the readers of Time magazine as America's most ethnically and racially integrated city in 2002.

Numerous industries abound in the Sacramento area including the famous video tour production company One of the reasons Sacramento has such a various industrial base is due to its key location for transportation and commerce.

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There are two types of video tours: the walk thru and the panoramic cinema style; ask your real estate professional which is appropriate for your property. Video tours are great for: executive condos and new construction or commercial real estate leases as you can see the video tour is an important marketing tool.

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