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Video Tour Tips

Real estate video is the most important factor when a homeowner decides which real estate agent to list with. In today’s on-line marketing environment you can show a home seller that you are going to provide a high quality, full blown real estate video tour of their: home, property, rental or vacation home . However you need to ask yourself is “Can I sucessfully produce the video tour without a little bit of help and how long will I be struggling with the computer software while producing the video! video tour tips

So here are some video tour tips

1) The tripod

One of this most common mistakes real estate agents make is when producing their own video tours is not using a strurdy tripod. Firstly tripods a generally inexpensive, a decent tripod can be purchased for 60 to 150 dollars on line stores like B and H / Adorama have excellent selection and good product descriptions on-line. Using a professional tripod will make your video tours look professional, the 60 to 150 dollar expense is small compared to how you will look more professional versus your competing agents. Even a mono-pod may be used to achieve better footage versus the shaky hand held footage. The top portion of the tripod is named the: head, and it should have full smooth pan and tilt capability.

2)Wide angle lens

Wide angle lenses are available for all video cameras including phone based cameras. Needless to say less expensive / cheaper wide angle lenses will distort more versus 400 to 700 dollar wide angle lenses. Generally the lens should have a focal length of 10mm 11mm or 12mm the upper focal length is not as important. 3)Camera Stabilize

The reason why a camera stabilizer is just as important as a tripod is because it majes the video watchable and enjoyable by the viewers. Unsteady and shaky or blurry video will turn off your viewers. So invest in a camera stabilizer if you will be producing walk through video tours. Google the following manufacturers: opteka (least expensive $200) glidecam (medium expensive $400) steadicam (expensive $700).

Remember the video is an indication of you - poor video equates poor service in the viewers mind.
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