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Video home tours have moved from a real estate novelty to a required Internet marketing tool for properly promoting your home sale in todays Internet based market.

Did you know the first property video tours were produced in the 1970‘s for the luxury gated community of Beverly Park in Los Angeles. They were used in the sales office as promotional tool.

Wow todays video tours sure have come long way, to full High-Definition streaming video.

Our comprehensive study has found the following are best practices when more than 3 out of 4 buyers turns to the Internet first to view properties and search for real estate agents they will work with.

To obtain the best results with your home's video Tour, get a professional video tour production company with qualified a photographer and graphic designer to create your video Tours. Numerous studies have found that home-buyers are willing to pay, at minimum, several thousand dollars - or 10% - more for property that has professional photos or videos versus poorly produced or shaky phone based video tours..

A professional video tour production enhances the perceived overall value of your property. Expert video editors will color balance the video to show the interior detail in their most colorful and memorable visuals.

A second benefit is your online real estate video tour marketing of your house is that it preserves the fantastic interior staging done by your real estate agent. The de-cluttering, inviting vases of colorful fresh flowers and warm lighting scenarios captured on your video Tour put your home in open-house mode 24/7 available online. In today’s busy world many buyers choose to preview every home online first, only then will they actually view it in person.

Home sellers are benefitted by video tours in another way. Since the trend of shopping for homes online has resulted in home buyers narrowing their search down to a few homes as opposed to a dozen, from the times newspaper ads were read. Now the amount of your home's showings is kept to minimum and speeds up the close of escrow time-frame.

As an extra bonus, your Realtor can use your video Tour in any number of ways for MLS and IDX. Besides using the video tour on their real estate website's listing of featured properties, your Realtor can post your video home tour on your local MLS or IDX listings. This increases the marketing potential of your video tour to the greates. Plus the video tour can be email-ed easily.

Attention REALTORS – The Real Estate market is changing and you need to be marketing via video tours. Old fashioned print ads and sign post flyers are not reaching the vast online audience.Years ago, when print was king, they got your listing extra attention. Video tours done with High Definition Canon DSLRs are the way to go.

EXPERIENCED AGENTS - “Are you doing something special to sell my house?” Heard those words lately from sellers looking for a listing agent? As an experienced listing agent, we are sure you have heard this before!

Everybody Wins with video tours for homes. Plus as a listing agent you’ll get more property listings since you are offering something that no one else can offer!

NEWER AGENTS – As a new agent in an established market, simply getting the listing appointment can be a challenge. Now imagine how impressed your prospective sellers will be when you show them an video Tour you have done or will do. They will be amazed and pleased at the same time too, you’ll get that proprty listing for sure.

What about video tours for other living requirements?

Apartment video Tours

Get a 2 minute apartment video tour of the apartment you’re marketing. We come to you, and take care of every aspect.

The 2 minute apartment video Tour includes:

•A great video tour will sky rocket your marketing efforts and property sales. •A professionally written video tour script. •Voice Over and narration to match the video tour. •Appropriate music from the ABC video tours music library •Video tours of model apartments and all on-site amenities •Pro-video editing and re-edit revisions

Student Housing Videos

When it comes to marketing to finicky students there is only one certain route: students connect with video.

They watch it, they forward it, they make it, they live it they are the video generation.

Students not only want to know where they will be living but also:

•How do the rooms are loke? •Is there a nice bathroom? •Who are the people who live there now? •Will I fit in with the other students? •Who washes the dishes?

The following video tours do just that!

Students make their decisions on a different set of modern values. And that, is where video tours come in. We create student housing video tours with a difference.

Firstly there is a video tour guide, student age of course. Second we interview actual students and staff who actually live there.

We showcase the local area, property and dining rooms. Third, we answer all the questions that they are too shy to ask.

This is all edited together is a cool and informative format!

Show ABC video tours student tours. Sit back and click the play arrow. You will quickly understand why every student property needs a video tour.

Vendor Marketing Videos

Are you a property management company? You create videos for your properties but what about the message you wish to get across? What do you actualy do? How do you do it? How do you win over new clients?

Everyone requires video marketing. Property management marketing is challenging, we know that you provide many services. But do you clients know this? This is why you should have ABC video Tour host talking all about how great your services are. Showing your locations and properties! Or if you are you REALTOR – do people know how full-service your home listing is?

Single Family Homes

Video tours for single family homes and master planned communities is a must in the internet ear. Impress your clients with a HD video Tours. Sell more listings, stand from the others out online. ABC video Tours creates the highest quality SFR home Videos. We include a ABV video tour host and shots of the local area. You as the REALTOR may be in the video also. You will be the only one in town creating impressions like this!

If you market vacation homes then you must stand out and use video Tours. This is the most effective way to market a vacation home to a vast audience of buyers or renters.

Have control over your property portfolio with apartment video Tours. Apartment Video Tours put your property in control of the market. No more hunting for residents to sign up. No more expensive print ads, which only bring in 1 call a day from renters not ready to lease, but just window shopping. No more wasted money, or time. Our apartment video Tours generate qualified online and live leads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Many of our video tours are watched online by potential residents over 400 times a month! This translates into many unique renters who have seen the property, you know everything about your property, now showcase it. Prospective renters can share your video with friends, make your video their browser’s home page, send it to mom and dad, or leave it on loop throughout the day in the rental office. Finding the perfect place to live is a personal and challenging experience. Renter’s of today and tomorrow are deciding where to live via online video tours first.

Beat your local market competition now: Show the best of your home listings right on their computer - video tours of homes a win win for every one.
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