Get a video tour quote by rob robinson
Video tours are the advertising standard for on-line marketing of homes for sale and for the realtor also. No one expects the realtor to be a movie actress or actor however their phone number and email are superimposed in the video, thus prospective buyers can contact that real estate agent directly. Plus some looking to list a house may also consider that particular agent, since they see that their marketing efforts are excellent. Video Tour Facts :
  • Viewers are 85% more likely to stay on a website offering video.
  • 790 million users watch online videos every week.
  • Internet users watch video ads 180% longer than ads without video.
  • 40% of those viewing online video ads checked out the company website.
  • 25% Forwarded the video to family, co-workers or friends.
  • 30% talked to family and friends about the information video.
  • 15% made a purchase based on information provided in the video.

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