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Why video tours for houses for sale?

For example, one top national real estate video tour production company ABC video Tours has several video tour solutions available ranging from straight forward home walk-through video tours $89 to full feature video tours for luxury home tours starting at around $300.

This is a may seem a bit more expensive than pointing and shooting your hand-held cam-corder and uploading it up to YouTube. However. we all have seen the poorly videotaped property tours, shaky video and the barrel effect of the standard video lens. These poorly produced video tours actually make the property and the agent look bad. It makes financial sense to leave video tours to professionals who use wide angle lenses and camera stabilizers, just like Hollywood movies.

Also if you don't have time for the time consuming editing and uploading end of it, these services are well worth the money. You will also get a lot of extras, such as professional narration, pleasant background music, your own page, MLS links, and distribution to many of the most popular video and pod-casting sites. Plus these days video SEO is extremely important and ABC video Tours is the leading video SEO company in the US.
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