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We would all like to see the interiors of some of these lovely mansions listed below. Some are open to the public so you actually can see inside and walk around.

ABC vido Tours has produced video tours for properties in the 10 million dollar range and a San Francisco apartment valued at 5.5 million dollars.

Some examples of modern mansions and multi-million apartments are:

Video tours of mansions we would like to see!

Hearst Mansion Former luxury mansion atop a hill of William Hearst, the famous newspaper businessman, this extravagant Beverly Hills property was sold in 1947 for only $120,000. In the current market it is priced for over 1400 times that price, it has its own private-nigh-tclub, and the neighbors are the famous actor Tom Cruise and David Beckenham. Price-tag: $170 million

The Manor With 123 rooms, an indoor ice-skating rink, and a room whose purpose is to wrap presents in, the mega-opulence on show in this Los Angeles super-luxury-mansion is stupeduosly-luxurious. Price-tag: $160 million

Dar-al-Hajar Nicknamed the “Rock Palace” because it appears to emerge out of the rock on which it was constructed, this mansion was built to be the mere summer home of Imam Yahya, the Islamic leader of Yemen and is famous for its numerous secret passage-ways and high security features. Price-tag: Undisclosed

Hala Ranch This mansion is owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, he purchased the property when he was ambassador to the United States and as one of the largest properties in the country, it comes with its own environmental waste water treatment facility, gasoline pumping station, and fully operational ski resort. Price-tag: $140 million

Alan Jackson Estate Singer Alan Jackson’s mansion can be found nestled in the suburbs of country-loving-music-city-of Nashville, Tennessee. The mega mansion covers over 135 acres it comes with the required 20 car garage that seems to be on the wish list for these mega mansion buyers. Price-tag: $40 million

Acqua Liana Frank McKinney, the famous real estate artist concevied and designed this ultra luxury mega mansion, it is a 15,000 sq ft eco mansion after being inspired by trips to Fiji and Tahiti. Its features include an array of hundreds of solar panels, a water system that fills the pool with runoff precipitation, and enough recycled wood to save and allow to prosper 10 acres of south-american rainforest. Price-tag: $19 million

Balmoral Castle The Royal Family in Scotland is the proud owner of this historic mansoin, Balmoral Castle is just a small part of the Queen of Scotland’s vast land-holdings. At 50,000 acres it is one of the Queen’s larger properties. It’s so big in fact that it comes with managed herds of deer, cattle, and ponies. Price-tag: Not Public

Fairfield Pond Estate At $200 million this is one of the super expensive properties in the United States. Built by Mr Rennert in Sagaponack, New York, the mansion the Atlantic and is full of extravagant amenities like a $140,000 gold plated hot tub. Price-tag: $200 million

Ms. Franchuck Villa, it is believed that Elena Franchuck, a Ukrainian businesswoman, is the un-publicly-listed purchaser who purchased this astoundingly expensive mansion in southwest suburban London. Price-tag: $200 million

Poronui Station At $30 million dollars this New Zealand luxury compound is a bargain compared to every other mansion in this article. It has with over 17,000 acres of land and the main house is constructed on a plateau looking over the magnificent Taharua River. Price-tag: $30 million

Toprak Mansion Built in London by Turkish businessman Halis Toprak, this wxtravagant mansion in the north of the city comes with its very own Turkish inspired bath. Price-tag: Not Listed

Barbie Doll Mansion Situated in Malibu, California, this life size replica of Barbie’s toy house is unique with a prominent motif of in-pink, numerous dolls scattered throughout the premises, and a $199,000 chandelier made of blonde wigs. Price-tag: Undisclosed

Bran Castle - Count Dracula Romannia has several castle owners claiming to be the home of the infamous Dracula. This one has had its fair share of ownership legal battles, currently it owned by the Hapsburgs after being nationalized by the communists earlier in its history. Price-tag: $100 million
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